Freedom is our mission

Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) is the first security contracting firm to operate on a non-profit business model. SOLI provides free security consulting and training services to vulnerable populations to enable them to defend themselves against terrorist and insurgent groups. The dedicated staff, volunteers, and funders of SOLI believe that all people have the right to self-defense and liberty regardless of their financial circumstances, and they strive to create a world in which the innocent are protected.

Meet the People We Help

Services we offer


SOLI provides military, strategic, media, and other consulting to oppressed or threatened communities


SOLI provides combat and defense training to local forces against terrorist and insurgent groups so they can recapture lost territory and defend themselves now and in the future.


SOLI helps equip and sustain oppressed and threatened communities by providing not only training, but also non-lethal tools and supplies for local forces to be successful. SOLI does not provide weapons or ammunition to local forces.

Aid & Charity

SOLI provides periodic humanitarian aid, like food and clothing, and sponsors charity events for holidays like Christmas and Easter to help the communities in which we work.

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